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83% of working moms will leave a job for better work/life balance.

We can help.

For MomS

Private Coaching

History of Motherhood & Future of Work

Showing Up Whole: The Workshop for Working Moms

Virtually Sane: Online Series for Working Moms


Employee Assessments & Focus Groups

Policy & Benefit Review

Wellness Benefit Awareness Panels and Programs

Employee Resource Group Talks & Workshops


Tell me about the emotional benefits.

Yes, I get all the cool things like policy and benefit review but why do I even want this? Do I lie awake at night wondering if my best employee will leave? Have they said they would? Have I noticed that the women in the company don’t go after promotions as much? Is there too much machismo going around with the guys??? Get to my biggest fear and tell me how you’ll vanquish it.


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After nearly 20 years in marketing and a career spanning agency and academic assignments, I was invited to tell my story about working motherhood at an industry event.

The truth was hard to tell—and hard for some women to hear—but the event sparked a nerve with dozens of women, who wanted the same chance. To tell their own stories about the intersection of career and family.

About the book here:


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