Strategies for Working Moms

Working Moms:
The Struggle Is Real


Guess What: It's Not You

My clients are frazzled and overwhelmed, not sure how life has gotten so hard and how they got caught in the crossfire of work-kids-home-school-marriage, with no support. I get it. I was there, too.

We'll work together to understand how things got this way, in your own life and in the world, and then we'll start putting the frameworks in place to ease the challenges.

You need more support, more recognition, a bigger and a more engaged village around you at home and at work. Most of all you need to see yourself in the picture again, with your identity intact and your sense of self strengthened.

These programs are designed to make all this possible.


I've been there. I can help.

When I became a mom and went back to work, I literally felt like I had two selves colliding in my life. I searched for my old identity at the office and struggled to form a new identity as a mom. Not to mention a working, pumping, traveling, leading mom.

I know the feeling of being torn into two (or more!) pieces across your life.

Here's what I know now: at the heart of this struggle is your story. Your own identity. It will change as you navigate these new worlds, and together we'll hold space for that story so you can add chapters as you grow in motherhood, in leadership, and in life.

Once you're clear on this story, we'll put some action plans in place to find what works for you in all facets of your life.


Why work with me?


I believe every woman has a powerful story to tell. For many years, my own story was strangled inside me, stuck under layers of other people's expectations. I was worn out from meeting everyone else's needs and had little time to think about what I needed.

And then I had my own breakthrough.

When we tell the truth about our lives and experiences as women, we break open those layers of expectation for ourselves and for all moms.

Let's tell the truth, together.


Join me, and let's make working motherhood work

Do you want to keep grinding out day after day of the hustle and juggle, all the while drinking wine and wondering how you got here? Or, would you rather pause and reflect on you story, so you can shout it from the rooftops or whisper it to your inner circle? I help my clients reclaim their identity through storytelling and coaching that makes working motherhood work better, for everyone.