Strategies for Working Moms

Little Book.
Big Idea.


In six clear chapters, we tackle the biggest topics facing working moms today:

  • we need to hear our own voice

  • we deserve to know how it got to this point

  • we have to admit work is harder than ever

  • we have never been held to such a high standard as parents

  • we don't get enough help from partners

  • we have to chart our way forward, for ourselves and our daughters

Full of data, stories and hands-on, write-that-shit-down worksheets and quizzes, this little book packs a big punch as it invites moms to figure out how to survive and thrive in their work-life-chaos.


Author & Mother

In the midst of work and motherhood, constantly juggling too much and feeling like I couldn't get it all done, no one asked me to describe what it was like. No one invited me to dig into that craziness and examine it--at least, not for a long time.

But when I was asked to tell the story at a conference, I quickly realized how many other working moms needed the same chance.

So I wrote Retrofit: The Playbook for Modern Moms.

This book invites you to learn more about the way working motherhood got so difficult, and gives you a way to express what it's like for you.


Why Retrofit?

This book is about the strange time warp in which working mothers now find themselves--faced with modern expectations of how they should function as moms and workers, but surrounded by outdated systems of non-support that assume a moms' primary role is at home with her kids.

And with working moms themselves caught in the middle, it's time we provide each other some better options. So, Retrofit is my invitation for today's moms to start exploring what it's like to live in this outdated world, and tell their own stories.

Only then can we make things better for the moms of the future.


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