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You’re doing a great job — do you need reminded?

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Wondering how your organization stacks up, and how you can support your working moms?

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These unique workshops educate, inspire and create community—while helping working moms connect the dots between their big challenges and bigger trends. We explore the forces that shape modern motherhood, and then work together to solve some of the main issues for working moms.

Women leave with new ideas and skills for balancing home and work, and a new support system in place to make it easier.

What Women SAY About the Workshop

Marti’s session was invaluable as I am preparing to be a mom. Her facilitation skills are top notch and the content was fantastic. 

I loved the information, personal stories and discussion prompts and how Marti interweaved them together seamlessly. 
— Monica
Marti is the consummate pro - her presentation is rich from a deep research and emotional perspective. This work of uncovering the complexity and reality of working motherhood is vital for modern workplaces and homes.
— Ami

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this session holds the key

I’ll let the audience in on our little secret—that working motherhood is not working for most moms today.


These unique keynotes will engage and inspire any audience to think differently about the intersection of work and family. After diving into robust research (and pop culture) to frame this incredible challenge, employers and employees alike will learn how to help their teams thrive amidst it all.

You’ll discover how:

  • The concept of motherhood has evolved over the years

  • Trends overwhelm today’s parents as they try to balance work and family

  • Expectations of mothers (and fathers) have skyrocketed

  • The modern workplace isn’t keeping pace

I loved it all! Especially the history of modern motherhood!
— Audience Member