Strategies for Working Moms

 It’s Time To Make Working Motherhood Work.

For Moms. For Families. For Employers.



“This work of uncovering the complexity and reality of working motherhood is vital for modern workplaces and homes.”
— Ami Murphy Iannone

Let's Work Together To Engage And Retain Working Moms


For Moms

There's work, and there's family. But what about the mom in the middle? Our coaching programs address the whole mother, from identity to action planning.

For Employers

You can't balance the gender scorecard in your company without addressing the needs of working moms. We'll help you discover what you need to do to retain, engage and advance them.


Why Working Motherhood Matters

We have to talk. Working mothers are under more pressure than ever at home and work, and not getting nearly the level of help they expected or support they deserve.

In service to our families and our companies, it's time we opened up the conversation about the high stakes of working motherhood.


 For The Modern Mom In An Outdated World


Did you know the concept of motherhood is a recent invention?

I didn't either, and that's why I wrote Retrofit: The Playbook for Modern Moms.

When I realized we are trying to deliver on this modern concept of the mom as the primary caregiver at the exact same time we are stepping into leadership roles in our companies and our country, I realized why working motherhood is so. damn. hard.

Retrofit has all the data (or perhaps ammunition?) you need, along with book recommendations and worksheets to help you sort out the chaos in your own work-life-whatever-it-is.


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One working mom, on a mission

Recently I was asked to stand up at a conference and give a tell-all talk about working motherhood. I was terrified, but I quickly realized in talking to other working moms that we all had the same feelings of guilt and sadness and total overwhelm.

With my journalist's curiosity and my researcher's training, I set out to learn why, in a modern society, such a vital part of companies and families had been overlooked.

The result has been a'parently, and Retrofit: The Playbook for Modern Moms.

Marti’s session was invaluable as I’m preparing to become a mom!
— Monica Walker

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