Hey Mama, We Need to Chat

Do you ever get the sense that your friends only know the “mom” side of your life, and your girlfriends at work have no idea about your life outside the office? Is it hard to find a friend or mentor who understands the entire “you”?

I’ve been there.

That’s why I’m so excited to be launching a 1:1 Coaching offering to help working moms navigate with both of their “selves” intact. I want you to show up at work as your whole and authentic self, and also to arrive home in that same state of mind.

Everyone benefits when you are able to operate in this way. Your teams, your company, your kids, your partner. And especially, you.

This coaching is designed to help you tell your personal story, outline and clarify your own goals at work and at home, and then find and eliminate as many barriers as possible.

It probably won’t be easy. It may make you question a lot of what you’re assuming has to be true in your life. Not to mention, you’ll learn some facts about motherhood in this country that will probably prompt some profanity.

But, instead of grabbing another glass of wine to take the edge off, why not invest in a free discovery session to see if this coaching could help?

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Marti PostComment